Vasily Tryndyk


Tentoonstelling met olieverfschilderijen van Vasily Tryndyk en beelden van Hanneke de Munck. Beide figuratief werkende kunstenaar maken een geheel eigen combinatie van moderne technieken en van traditionele kleurmengingen en vormen. In verband met de corona is er geen opening. 2о2о. Video van de huidige expositie bij Kunst 2001
Vasily was born in Kabardino-Balkaria. He studied painting based on the works of his father - the famous Honored Artist Nikolai Tryndyk. Vasily graduated from the Demidov Art School at the Academy of Arts in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and in 1982 became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. His father's creative heritage is still the main source of inspiration for the artist. Vasily also admires the masters of the Flemish school (XV-XVII centuries) and artists of the beginning of the XX century - Gustav Klimt and Mark Chagall. Vasily works with oil paints, using their brightness to "illuminate" the paintings from the inside. Dense shadows strengthen the depth of the work. The characters are presented in a concise environment - as actors on the stage of "comedy del Arte". They are the epitome of secular entertainment. Their carnival "anonymity" allows the artist to convey the lives and characters of many people in one figure, as if in projection. The viewer can interpret each of the characters in his or her own way, recognizing their friends, loved ones or themselves. "Fairy tales lead us like a guiding thread," said one writer. In the paintings of our new artist Vasily Tryndyk from Kabardino-Balkaria, fairytale characters gain new life. Cirque du Soleil and Mayakovsky's poems, myths of the Himalayan and East African peoples, heroes of the Karabas-Barabas Theatre and the Venetian opera are easily found here. The paintings of the artist remind us that each of us remains a child no matter what Translated with 12:20 Vasily Tryndyk
The creations of Vasili Tryndyk cannot be described in words. His work is not illustrative. It is a natural expression of the subjects of the old masters with extraordinary mix of the colors. It is a touch of impressionism, a mystery of professional unusual combination of romance with various associations. And without doubts it is magic M. Kipov TV 1989 Painter Vasili Tryndyk 2:29
Meeting with artists at the exhibition YH Temirkanova in the city of Nalchik 2002 Meeting with artists at the exhibition of Yu Kh Temirkanov in Nalchik.
Painter Vasili Tryndyk Video archive 3:18
V. Tryndyk in St. Petersburg 2010. 9th Exhibition Poli»Realizm in St. Petersburg 2010.
Smoke factory pipes Smokes.
In an old Romanesque church in Velp near Grave (NB) we organize a varied program of art exhibitions and music performances. 2017. Group exposition “Kunst in het Kerkje” Velp The Netherlands
The Radboudumc Dekkerswald is situated on a wooded area in Groesbeek, just outside Nijmegen. Various Radboudumc specialisms provide patient care at this location. -VHS- 1993.. Vasily Tryndyk. Kunstkring Dekkerswald. Groesbeek.The Netherlands medisch centrum
In his painterly oeuvre, Vasily Tryndyk makes a very unique combination of modern techniques and traditional color mixes. Tryndyk distinguishes itself as an artist by, among other things, the way in which he gives the visually perceptible to his own perspective a whole new appearance and dimension. He leaves the world as he experiences it in his environment in a disarming artistic idiom. Vasily Tryndyk artist in the workshop
V. Tryndyk in St. Petersburg 2014. Exhibition POLYREALISM in St. Petersburg 2014.
Alkmaar Holland. Мой подарок картины -Раввин- синагоге города Алкмаар Голландия. Alkmaar Holland. My gift of the painting is the Rabbi, the synagogue of the city of Alkmaar Holland.
The mandala symbolizes the sphere of deities, the pure land of the Buddhas. In principle, the mandala - a geometric symbol of a complex structure, which is interpreted as a model of the universe, the "map of space". The typical shape is the outer circle, inscribed in it a square, in which an inner circle is inscribed, which is often segmented or has the form of a lotus. The outer circle is the universe, the inner circle is the dimension of deities, bodhisattvas, buddhas. The square between them is oriented on the sides of the world has on each side T-shaped exits as a gate to the universe. The square is divided into 4 parts. The fifth part is the center. Each of the parts has its own color. Colour is associated with the sides of the world, with one of the Buddhas, the senses Mandala ..
At the end of April 2019 in the Exhib. ition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists at Bolshaya Morskaya is held a regular exhibition of polyrealists, organized by the group "Poli" Realizm. Polyrealism 2019 in the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg
Exhibition of Vasily Tryndyk in KEMPRO Holland May 2016 Exhibition in KEMPRO May 2016
In 1991 the life of the artist changes dramatically - he and his family came to work under the contract to the Netherlands. Artist Vasily Tryndyk .TryNdyk.CoM 4:47
My short trip to my homeland in Nalchik. 2018 year. Nalchik is located in a unique place: the city is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, which indicates a special climate. Here you will never notice the usual Black Sea winds. Such climatic conditions, as well as many other factors make it possible not only to have a good and pleasant rest, but also to recover from diseases and improve the health of the body. My short trip to Nalchik 2018
Подготовка мастерской к дню открытых дверей Holland.2018. Nijmegen. http://трындык.рф V. Tryndyk. Preparation of the workshop for Open Day Holland.2018. Nijmegen.
Live legends of Nalchik rock and roll, guitarists of Atlas group V. Khrezhnov, V. Tryndyk, V. Kastornov, V. Ivatov, V. Shkkogoshev, Petr Temirkanov. Our old men VIA Nalchik In the high school of Nalchik in a distant 1970 with Victor Khrezhnov, Valeriy Ivatov, Vasiliy Kastornov created VIA Atlas, where I played bass guitar and soled. They had huge success at school discotheques. In the USSR took part in TV show. Allo we are looking for talents. Vasily Pel "on a swagger": so called the English "removed" aurally from magnetic films texts of The Beatles, Creedence (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Led Zeppelin. We will remember the names of everyone who is little familiar with Nalchik 's rock history: Vitya Khrezhnov, Petr Temirkanov, Aslan Uligov, Vasya Tryndyk, Aslan Makoyev, Sergey Andreev, Nikolai Antonov, Anatoly Nechayev, Volodya Shkhagoshev... These are the names of the founders of Nalchik rock. https://www.трындык.рф VIA "Atlas" Nalchik rock 60 1970s
Василий Трындык родился в Кабардино-Балкарии. Он изучал живопись по работам своего отца - известного кабардинского художника Николая Трындыка. Василий В 1972 поступает в художественно-графическое Демидовское училище при академии художеств в г.Ленинграде, (Санкт-Петербург) и в 1982 году принят в члены Союза Художников СССР. Pictures 2001-2019 - Персональный сайт Василия Трындык, продажа картин, связь с художниками без посредников. Paintings 1987-2001
Vasily Tryndyk Paintings can be seen in "Kunst in 't Kasteel Sterckshof" 2019 "Kunst in 't Kasteel Sterckshof" Antwerp, Belgium 2019
В мастерской Василия Трындык день открытых дверей. 🎨 2012 год. In the workshop of Vasily Tryndyk there is an open day. 🎨 2012.
Virtual open day. In the studio of the artist Tryndyk Vasily. In the artist's studio 03.25 Virtual open day. В мастерской художника Трындык Василия Николаевича.
News from the USSR. I am on the news with my classmate Igor Krivoruchko ("slow replay"). Every year more and more brings pleasure shots from youth!! 😄 Days of literature and art of Kabardino-Balkaria in Moscow, 1981. From the USSR 60 years of the KBASSR.😄